Microbiological Food safety is of increasing concern to consumers, producers and regulators.  Your choice of a testing laboratory to rapidly provide accurate results at a reasonable price is very important.

Sanders routine testing includes:Food Testing Laboratory Services in East, West, and Central Florida

• Aerobic plate count (product quality)
• Coliform and E. coli (product quality and safety)
Staphylococcus aureus (poultry, meat and salads)
• Yeast and Mold (dairy, sauces and juices)
Listeria (fish, dairy, meat, salads and vegetables)
Salmonella (poultry, meat, dairy and vegetables)
E. coli O157:H7 (ground beef)
Clostridium perfringens (cooked meats)
Clostridium botulinum (canned products)
Campylobacter (poultry)
Lactobacillus (vacuum packs)
Pseudomonas (juice, poultry, fish and meat)
Vibrio (seafood)